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Mommy & Me. Mommy School (week 2)

Happy Monday All!

Today we are continuing Mommy School over on Leah's blog Everyday Love and the Speech & Language Enrichment Section here.

I hope you and your mini were able to do a few of the activities from the first week of the Farm Animal Unit and had some fun while doing them.

This week I thought I'd share a quick DIY Matching Game I put together to work on a few Language Concepts with Owen that go along with our Farm Animal Theme.


I decided to keep the "game" simple for Owen since he is still pretty young. We used 3 different animals for our game. 

Supplies Needed : 
6 (or more) mason jar lids
chalkboard paint
velcro strips/or magnets
printable farm animals 

Directions: Pretty self explanatory but just in case-we painted each lid front and back with chalkboard paint. We painted one side of the lid. Let it dry for about an hour and then painted the other side. Next we primed  the lids for the chalk by following the directions on the can. Last, I attached one strip of the velcro to the lid and one side to the animal, both of which have sticky adhesive on them so they are easy to adhere. (you can find velcro strips at any craft store) You could also use a magnet strip instead since the lids are metal. Which ever you prefer. I had velcro on hand so that's what we chose to use. 

For the farm animals I just printed them, laminated and cut them out. 

Matching games can be used in many ways. The concept of same/different is something we expect children around the age of 3-4 years to master. So, although it's a little early to expect toddlers to fully master this concept, it is definitely something we can introduce. And the "matching game" just gives us a "spring board" for a few other ideas. We used this activity to introduce the concepts of -same/different while matching the animals, patterning with two different animals (pig, chicken, pig, ____) and the introduction of the concept of pluralization- 2 cows as we counted "one COW, two COWS."


We also continued to work on:

Requesting animals by labeling and using 2 word utterances. For example-I held each animal up and he imitated me saying "Want Pig." After I gave him a few models he then began requesting the animals. (and sometimes just taking them out of my hand :)   We did this while introducing the "matching game." This gave him the chance to explore the activity before we started "working."

Receptive Language-Concepts-Following Simple Spatial Directions. The animals are attached to the mason jar lids with velcro-We used this opportunity to work on the concept of "on" He was able to attach all the animals while I modeled the phrase "Pig On." He found the correct animal and then put it "on" the lid.

Answering Questions:  The lids are painted with chalkboard paint so I thought it would be fun to write an animal sound on one side of the lid and leave 3 different animals turned over so he could see all three at once. I would say the animal sound "moo." Then go through each animal asking, " Does a horse say moo? NO. Does a pig say moo? NO. Does a cow say moo? YES!" We continued to do this with all of our animal sounds and animals until he tired of the game.


You could also work on Who questions asking "Who says ____"  and your little one could find the correct animal.

What questions- What does a cow give us? What does a pig say?

Speech- I have noticed that Owen has a hard time producing multisyllabic words so we have been working on incorporating a few into our farm unit playtime as well. We used the farm scene placemat I shared last week for stimuli.

Here are the words we are working on:
  • apple 
  • farmer
  • chicken
  • tractor
  • barnyard
  • shovel 
Of course I don't expect him to "pronounce" all of the sounds in the words perfectly but instead, I am working on getting him to recognize and produce both syllables of the word.

And just a few more ways to use chalkboard matching game-

Phonological Awareness Activities-

  • Write a letter on one side of lid and have your child find the animal that matches the letter sound. 
  • Match the written word of the animal to the picture of the animal. 
  • Take the animals off of the lids and match upper and lowercase alphabet letters (just write letters on with chalk) 
  • Pick a corresponding rhyming word to write on one lid, then your child can find the animal that rhymes with the word you wrote and read aloud to them.

To make your own game or to use the animals in other ways find the PDF here. It includes 6 different farm animals to mix and match.

Now for my Mommy and Me picture for the week..

This sweet boy sure has my heart. January 2014.  

Have a great week, friends!

Mommy & Me

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hello erin said...

i'm dying over how cute this matching game is!! those animals are SO CUTE!!

Courtney Sweet said...

The animals are adorable! I love reading your language enrichment ideas.

Desiree Macke said...

I love this idea! M is SO into animals right now. Though he might not totally understand the concept, I think he'd really have fun with it!